In the beginning of 2018, I (Cristina) was feeling a little out of whack. After the craziness that was 2017, I was hesitant to push ahead with things in 2018 and lacking some focus and direction. I was telling Lizzie that I felt like I just needed a couple of days away, a retreat to get my ideas and goals in order to make tackling things easier.

“Let’s do that!” I (Lizzie) said.

And Pairings Retreat was born.

The idea was simple: an intimate retreat for creative women filled with the best pairings we could think of.

Creative Women + Yummy Cocktails

Instagrammable Snacks + Vision Boards

Photo Sessions + Content Calendars

And so much more!




I’ve been living in New York City for the last 15 years, juggling a full-time job, singing at church, investing in my marriage (10 years and counting!), loving on my son, walking my dog, and writing for my two blogs. Am I crazy for adding another project to my plate? No way! I love the balancing act and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides being freakishly organized and having a slight notebook addiction, I also enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, Walt Disney World, and girls’ night.



I first met Cristina when we were both living in NYC. Though, these days, I live in sunny Florida to be closer to my family.

I love all things nerdy (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more). On a clear day, you’ll find me at the beach, at Walt Disney World, Instagramming, writing for my blog or for The Marvel Report, traveling, podcasting, or reading books for not one, but THREE different book clubs. I always believe in adding a new project to my plate!


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